Individual Sessions

All new students may attend a “trial” session before committing to a weekly schedule. This practice ensures that students and parents are 100% comfortable with each instructor’s knowledge and demeanor. For more information about Bonus Points’ policies, including our cancellation policy, please review our policies section. Please contact us for more information.

Private Study Sessions

Please contact us for more information as well as pricing.

Group Sessions

Some students prefer to share sessions with a small group. Students who attend group session experience a significant discount per person. Those interested in studying as a group should contact us for group rates. When forming study groups, bear in mind that students derive the maximum benefit from group sessions by:

* Choosing classmates that encourage you to study. Pick friends and/or classmates who’ll stay focused on the coursework instead of creating distractions.

* Choosing reliable people taking the same course. It’s okay if group members come from different class periods, but it’s best if all students are taking the same course, ideally under the same teacher. Not all schoolteachers follow the same lesson plan. When group members require help on a variety of unrelated assignments, sessions are less effective.

* Limiting group size. Although we’re willing to accommodate special requests, we recommend that groups consist of 4 students or fewer. This limit enables group instructors to provide significant attention to each individual student.

Group tutoring sessions are priced on a tiered schedule. Please contact us for more information.

Discount Program

We offer a volume discount for clients who commit to a full year of tutoring in advance. For more information, please review our Discount Program section.