Some come to tutoring for help passing classes. Some come to excel. Bonus Points’ professional tutors help students achieve both objectives.

We counsel students of all ages. Many clients are enrolled in San Antonio area high schools or junior high schools. We also work with college students, adults, and elementary school students. Whether you want to give your 5th grader a head start or obtain assistance completing your post-graduate degree, we can help.


We take a holistic approach to tutoring. Each member of our staff possesses mastery of his or her particular subject(s) and can explain advanced concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, we work diligently to help students remember the vital information, using demonstrations, creating mnemonics, and revealing memory tricks whenever possible.

For many, lackluster performance has multiple causes. Sub-par grades can result from disorganization, inconsistent study habits, and inadequate test-taking skills. To address these potential obstacles, our tutors don’t just clarify the underlying subject matter. Instead, we teach students how to overcome short-term academic challenges and achieve long-term academic goals.

We also create personalized study guides and practice tests upon request. Please click here for more information about these options.


Our methods don’t just sound good; they are grounded in human psychology and have proven extremely successful. Our tutors attended and graduated (with high honors) from some of the world’s most prestigious universities, including Harvard, Oxford, the Julius-Maximilians University at Würzburg (Germany), and The University of Texas’ Plan II Honors Program. All instructors hold post-graduate degrees and all are National Merit Finalists or Scholars. Our staff speaks from experience when they advise students on methods of achieving academic success.

Over the years, our clients have shown a documented record of success. We’ve helped many students with A or B averages improve their GPAs and rise in class rank. Many students we’ve coached graduated in the top 10% of their classes. Several graduated in the top 1% and a few ranked among the top 10 students!

We’ve also helped students climb from the depths of despair to the top of the class. Some students have raised their grades from F’s to A’s within a couple of months. Recently, a student came to us with six-week averages in four classes below 40, including one class with an average of 9. After working intensively (daily) with Bonus Points for one month, all her grades soared up to A’s and B’s. As a result, she was thrilled to make the school’s honor roll for the first time!


We help students in a variety of fields, including:

Mathematics Tutoring   Chemistry Tutoring   SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, & LSAT Preparation
Economics & Statistics Tutoring Reading Tutoring Science Tutoring
Government & Law Tutoring History Tutoring Literature Tutoring
Writing Services Tutoring Philosophy Tutoring Vocabulary Tutoring