SAT and ACT Preparation Program Details

Scoring well on the SAT or the ACT is the single most important element of the college applications process. Fortunately, solid test preparation dramatically improves performance. Bonus Points offers a variety of private, 1-on-1 test preparation packages to help each student achieve his or her optimal result.

For most kids, 40 hours of SAT or ACT preparation is effective. If money is tight, or if a particular student requires minimal preparation, we offer 12, 24, and 30-hour short courses. For those seeking to achieve their maximum possible score, we offer 50 & 60-hour premium packages. Clients may add 6-hour supplemental packages. Contact us to ask about pricing for our packages.

We provide all SAT or ACT program participants who purchase a package with 30 or more hours with the opportunity to take a complete mock exam at no additional charge! After grading this practice exam, our experts provide detailed feedback. While optional, this invaluable service allows students to experience the full exam in a risk-free environment and helps us organize each student’s practice sessions in the most effective and efficient manner.


Should I take the SAT or the ACT?

We discourage students from taking both the SAT and ACT. Colleges don't require both, and it's distracting to prepare for the two distinct exam formats. Naturally, different tests require different preparation. Students taking both must divide their attention and double their preparation. 
Furthermore, students taking just one test may report only their highest SAT or ACT score. But when students take both tests, they may be required to report their highest score on EACH!  Hence, if a student performs poorly on one test, he or she can't hide it.  To avoid reporting a low score, students will need to re-test until they achieve high scores on both exams.

If you’re unsure about whether you should focus your preparation on the SAT or the ACT, we are happy to administer both practice exams and help you make a strategic decision. Please contact us to learn more about this service and its pricing.

All Policies Apply

Bonus Point’s Cancellation and Credit Expiration Policies apply to all exam prep sessions. SAT and ACT prep is separate from academic tutoring and college counseling; test prep hours cannot be exchanged for tutoring or college counseling hours or vice versa.