Preparing for either the SAT or ACT is a complex and arduous enterprise. Students must acquire a thorough familiarity with the underlying subjects AND internalize effective exam-specific tactics. Bonus Points helps students maximize scores through a unique and comprehensive readiness strategy. Regardless of whether your goal is to win admission to a dream college, to achieve National Merit honors, to ace the Duke Talent Identification Program test, or to replace an unsatisfactory score with a dramatically enhanced performance, we’ll help you reach your objective. All Bonus Points instructors are National Merit Finalists or Scholars, so our clients learn proven strategies from experts who have themselves triumphed in this competitive arena. Consequently, our students have a demonstrated record of success.

We assist clients with any of the exam sections, including:



  Critical Reading



* The Science section is only present on the ACT exam.


Prepare First.  Although many schools allow students to re-take the exams, our information indicates that numerous colleges actually penalize applicants who test “too often.” Thus, we discourage anyone from sitting for a critical standardized exam without preparation. At Bonus Points, we believe every score matters. For students who want to get a feel for the test format, our staff can administer and grade complete or partial practice exams under realistic conditions. This optional service gives our clients an idea of their starting score while they gain valuable experience and familiarity with the test – all without exposure to risk.

SAT vs. ACT.  Most colleges and universities accept both the SAT and ACT but do not require both. We recommend focusing on one test for a variety of strategic reasons. Our expert consultants examine each individual’s circumstances and objectives and help each student choose the most intelligent course. Hint: If you take the ACT, be sure to complete the “optional” writing section. A high percent of colleges require a writing score for admission.

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