Many teachers require students to complete creative projects each grading period. These take the form of student-produced speeches, models, posters, books, plays, home movies, graphic novels, magazines, performances, music, and games to cite but a few examples. Such coursework is weighted heavily, often equaling the value of a major test. A terrific grade on these projects can go a long way in bringing up sub-par grades, and as a practical matter, students must excel on these assignments to earn A’s in the classes. Project grades depend on two elements: content and presentation.

Naturally, intellectual content is crucial. As when writing a term paper or taking an exam, students must demonstrate comprehension of the underlying subject matter. From initial conception through final polishing, Bonus Points’ experts facilitate substantial improvement of a school projects’ content. We can review, edit, revise, and/or augment a student’s speech, song lyrics, play or video script, book narrative, or any other creative expression of academic material. For more information, please see our Editing Services section.

Projects’ creative elements also influence your grade. Bonus Points can make your projects awe-inspiring. We bring a vast reservoir of creativity to our project designs. We think outside the box and utilize successful artistic methods to illustrate information in unique and memorable ways. We employ a variety of materials and techniques to set your work apart from the competition. Our professional craftsmanship is exceptional and our attention to detail is unparalleled.

With our help, your projects will win the admiration of classmates and teachers alike! Please contact us for help in making your next project the best it can be.