Human brains do not mature fully until late adolescence or early adulthood. Yet, even at the pre-adolescent stage, great variety exists among children's intellectual abilities. Recent evidence indicates that the majority of mental development occurs before age 13. Therefore, to help a child attain his or her maximum potential, parents must stimulate cognitive development from an early age. Developing advanced metal faculties yields a lifetime of benefits. Statistically speaking, these students achieve higher grades, attend superior colleges, perform better in college, and achieve greater professional success.

At Bonus Points, we help talented kids cultivate the crucial mental attributes they’ll need to maximize their academic and professional potential. In a positive, nurturing, and educational atmosphere, we stimulate rapid cognitive growth. Surrounded by classical music and reproductions of famous artworks, our Early Development students participate in a carefully-selected program of educational games and activities that develop logic and problem-solving abilities. Children are rewarded for researching and learning about the diverse subjects they find fascinating, such as dinosaurs, horses, gemstones, aircraft, whales, lightning, planets, dog and cat breeds, the Queens of England, or chess.

The Bonus Points program develops each student's innate strengths, talents, and abilities. We tailor our agenda to meet your child's unique needs, placing particular emphasis on fostering the ability to reason and think critically. All our early development students achieve proficiency with logic and complex problem solving. Over time, enrollees acquire advanced writing skills, impressive public speaking abilities, and an extensive vocabulary. Sessions last one hour; parents may schedule multiple sessions per week.

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