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Bonus Points Tutoring is a premiere private educational organization. We believe every student deserves the best opportunity to succeed in life. Bonus Points’ expert instructors employ a variety of effective programs, techniques, and methods.  We help students of all ages master academic material and achieve their scholastic, collegiate, and professional goals.

To attain your highest potential, work with the best team. At Bonus Points, we hire only bright, accomplished tutors who've faced the same challenges you face. These professionals garnered top grades in school, earned test scores meriting national recognition, and attended some of the world’s most prestigious universities. All our instructors are warm, caring, empathetic people with the demonstrated ability to help students succeed. Typically, Bonus Points' clients and tutors from a lasting bond of trust and mutual respect.

As Ben Franklin said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” Whether you’re looking to improve, excel, or simply survive, we can help! Each student’s needs are unique. At Bonus Points, we’re ready to revise English papers, teach calculus, sharpen research techniques, explain Ancient Chinese philosophy, enhance public speaking skills, elucidate Shakespeare’s sonnets, demonstrate the principles of Newtonian physics, and help produce awe-inspiring class projects and presentations.

Bonus Points' tutors and instructors take a holistic approach. In addition to teaching academic subjects, we strive to improve clients' study skills, time management, organization, and note-taking. We even help students navigate the treacherous terrain of school politics. Many factors prevent smart kids from performing up to their ability; we’re here to help you identify and conquer all these obstacles. We believe in you.

We offer a fantastic, full-service college preparation program. Whether you’re years or weeks away from applying, we'll help you generate the strongest possible application. Our staff's expertise extends to all school types and levels, including the the Ivy League. And, since all Bonus Points' college prep services are available à la carte, clients can tailor programs to meet specific needs.

For young, gifted students, Bonus Points' early development program fosters excellent problem-solving skills, facility with logic, exemplary writing ability, and an advanced vocabulary. We utilize pedagogic exercises embedded in games and other fun activities that stimulate healthy cognitive development. Children have such a good time that they don’t realize how much they’re learning!

Bonus Points Tutoring is based in San Antonio, Texas. We’ve been honored to serve local families since 2006, and we are happy to announce that many of our services are now available remotely via Internet. So, whether your home is Oxford, Mississippi, or Oxford, England, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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